Stroy Competition Winner Josh Bailey

Josh Bailey, 8, Holywell School Upchurch (7-10 year category)

Dear Diary

It’s been a really cold and windy day today. This morning it was still dark and my Dad had already set off to work when I woke up. I washed with a bucket of cold water before I got dressed to go to school. School was bad, but luckily it was warm in there. I walked home from school with my friends. We decided to go to the rough stuff because we wanted to look for a wheel in the rubbish. I knew we needed to be very careful because last week two girls drowned in the water near there. There were no good wheels this time, but we found two nice green bottles in the dirt for my collection.

By the time I got back Dad was home from work. The fire was lit and it was much warmer indoors. Dad was tired from working all day. He works on the mud barges and his arms ached from the rowing and digging he did to get the mud from Turkey Island. He was still happy to see me and he liked the new bottles I had found. Mum gave us tea and that warmed me up even more. I sat with Dad for a long time in front of the fire. He told me about his day at Turkey Island.

Dad has told me now that it’s time to go to bed so I am writing this quickly. I hope it’s not so cold tomorrow.

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