Milton Creek Memories Project uses anecdotes, facts and opinions to bring the past alive and raise questions about the future. These learning resources are designed to help pupils enquire further and make connections between people, places and environments over time. This pack offers a range of enquiry led topics with accompanying resources that can be tailored by teachers to suit the needs of their class. It is aimed at Years 6 – 7 and could form the basis of a transition unit.

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Geography Resources

Milton Creek Memories: Resources for the geography classroom (PowerPoint)

Geography Photos: Inside the park (.zip)

Geography Photos: Major developments (.zip)

Geography Photos: Signs and hazards (.zip)


History Resources

Milton Creek Memories: Resources for the history classroom (PowerPoint)

History photos (.zip)


Published Articles

Memories of Milton Creek part I  (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette Saturday March 04 1922

Memories of Milton Creek part II  (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette Saturday March 11 1922

Memories of Milton Creek part III (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette Saturday March 18 1922

Autobiography by Wilf ‘Pip’ Box (.pdf)
Thames Barges Journal Autumn 1972

On Milton Creek Part 1 by Harold Farrington House (.pdf)
East Coast Digest December 1975

On Milton Creek part 2 by Harold Farrington House (.pdf)
East Coast Digest February 1976

Yesterday’s England by Richard-Hugh Perks (.pdf)
East Coast Digest December 1976

Fatal Boiler Expolsion (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette Saturday March 10 1866

Launch Of A Barge (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette May 02 1896

More about ‘Shrubbie’ Barges (.pdf)
Coast & Country December 1981

Water Carriage Between Sittingbourne and London (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette February 20 1897

Oyster River by L. Williams (.pdf)
East Coast Digest April 1974

Mate With “Pip” Box by Henry Attwater  (.pdf)
Thames Barge Sailing Club Journal Autumn 1973

Holes and Corners by Les Williams  (.pdf)
Topsail Journal, Summer 1977

Barges And The Sittingbourne Paper Industry By Alan Cordell (.pdf)
Bygone Kent Volume 24. No. 12. December 2003

Sailors Make Good Housewives (.pdf)
Thames Barge Sailing Cub Journal , Autumn 1974

Crack Shot New Skipper by Hedley Farrington (.pdf)
Topsail Journal, Summer 1977

A Night Not To Remember by S K Scales (.pdf)
Topsail Journal, Winter 1980

Out Of Milton Creek by Les Williams (.pdf)
Topsail Journal, Spring 1978

Letters To The Editors (.pdf)
Thames Barge Sailing Club Journal, Autumn 1974

Milton Barge Mate’s Death (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette January 27 1923

Milton Creek Conservancy (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette February 24 1927

Sittingbourne Barge Disasters (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette January 20 1923

Death Of A Barge Captain (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette January 27 1923

A Fierce Fire At Sittingbourne (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette January 30 1918

Sittingbourne And Milton (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette January 20 1923

Yacht, Boat And Barge Building (.pdf)
The Pictorial Record April 1899

Where Bricks Come From (.pdf)
The Pictorial Record, April 1899

Brickmaking At Sittingbourne (.pdf)
The Pictorial Record, April 1899

A Model Brickfield (.pdf)
The Pictorial Record, April 1899

Contracting & Engineering (.pdf)
The Pictorial Record, April 1899

The Milton Brickworks (.pdf)
The Pictorial Record, April 1899

Former Master Mariner (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette, April 1940

Fierce Gale (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette, January 1915

Tolls (.pdf)
East Kent Gazette, February 1940





Suggested Reading

  • A History of Murston by Bryan Clark. Published by Amberley Publishing, 2011
  • Barge Building and Barge Builders of the Swale by D.L. Sattin. Published by Meresborough Books, 1990.
  • Milton Regis Through Time by John Clancy. Published by Amberley Publishing, 2010
  • The Story of Sittingbourne & Milton Regis by John Clancy. Published by Sutton Publishing, 2002
  • The Past Glory of Milton Creek. Tales of Slipways, Sails and Setting Booms. Compiled by Alan Cordell and Leslie Williams. Published by Meresborough Books, 1985.
  • Milton Regis Remembered. A Story of a town and its people by Beryl Kingsnorth and Dennis J Smith. Published by Freedom Centre Publishing, 1999
  • Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Past & Present by John Clancy. Published by Sutton Publishing Limited.
  • Sittingbourne and Milton. An Illustrated History by Dr P. Bellingham. Published by Sawd Books, 1996
  • Sailing Barge Master – The Story of a Victorian Bargeman. Captain George Winn. Published by Chaffcutter Books 2009 in association with the Society for Sailing Barge Research.
  • Just off The Swale. The Story of the Barge Building Village of Conyer by Don Sattin. Published by Chaffcutter 1978 & 2004
  • A Bowater’s Album by David Hammersley. Published by Noodle Books 2009.
  • The Inns & Pubs of Sittingbourne and Milton Regis. Edited by Helen Allinson, published by Sittingbourne Heritage Museum
  • Life in The Workhouse. The Story of Milton Union,Kent by Helen Allinson. Published by Symjon Books, 2005.
  • The Archive – Monthy publication of the Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne

Most of these books are available to buy from Nickel Books, 22a High Street Sittingbourne, ME10 4DP. Tel : 01795 429546
or to borrow from Sittingbourne Library.

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