Milton Creek Barges


Milton Creek has a long history of barges and barge building, initially in connection with fishing trades in the 16th Century and the shipment of grain in the 18th Century. Prior to 1830 only small vessels continue...

Milton Creek Bricks


Stock brick making started in Kent c1700. The Kent yellow stock made its name in the 19th Century. Murston became the brick making centre of the area, adding to Sittingbourne’s overall growth continue...

Milton Creek Cement


George Smeed had one of the first cement mills in Sittingbourne c1850. He established a Roman cement mill, east of the town, and north of the main railway. This was probably the Sittingbourne continue...

Milton Creek Paper


A paper mill was first established in Sittingbourne in 1708 with first records of a paper mill at the current site dating back to 1769, the period in which modern wove paper had been innovated. continue...

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