Memories of the River Bourne

Copies of all full interviews and transcripts will be available for reference at Sittingbourne Library and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. Please enjoy these edited stories we have picked out for you.

Name: Alan Amos

Summary: Alan was born in Sittingbourne and grew up in the Milton Creek area. he joined Bowater's in 1960. He had a variety of jobs there before being made redundant in 1982. His Father and Mother worked in the brick-making industry.

Tags: Bogey’s; Bowater; Burleys; Cheapside; Church field; Kemsley Dock; Lighters; Lion Yard; Milton Holy Trinity Church; Periwinkle; Radfield; Ridham Dock; River Bourne; Salle; Sittingbourne Mill; Smeed Dean; Wills & Packham

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