Fun and games on the Locos

Copies of all full interviews and transcripts will be available for reference at Sittingbourne Library and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. Please enjoy these edited stories we have picked out for you.

Name: Dave Fletcher

Summary: Dave Fletcher was born in Milton and grew up in the area. His Father worked on the barges, then the cranes and finally became a loco driver and he spent a lot of his youth on the locos with his Dad. Dave worked in the Grinery House in Kemsley Mill, he has a lot of memories from the Kemsley Paper Mill and stories of events that took place throughout his childhood. Dave recalls fishing and swimming in the Creek.

Tags: Abide with Me; Bagnal; Bowater Light Railway; Bowaters; Bridge Street; Bull Screens; Crick; Gas Road; Grindery house; Gripeing; Iron Foundry; Kemsley Mill; Lighters; Light Railway; Loco; Meads windmill; Mess Room; Milton Arms; Milton College; Milton Hill; Milton School; Periwinkle; Quay Pub; Quay Street; Ridham Dock; Sittingbourne Mill; Seals; Sittingbourne Engineers Smeed Dean; The Bagnal; The Conqueror; The Elizabeth Murr; The Monarch; The Premier; The Superb; The Triumph; Wills & Packham.

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