Florrie Court – Childhood memories

Copies of all full interviews and transcripts will be available for reference at Sittingbourne Library and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. Please enjoy these edited stories we have picked out for you.

Name: Florrie Court

Summary: Florrie grew up in a house on the Creek itself and has fond memories of playing along the Creek. Her Uncles and Grandfather all worked on the barges on the Creek and Florrie and her daughter Wendy are very knowledgeable on the names of the barges and have many pictures of the barges their family captained.

Tags: Adelaide Dock; Barge Inn; Barge Museum; Bayford Farm; Bayford Orchard; Brick Makers Arms; Conyer Creek; Crown Quay Lane; Dean’s Dainty Jams; Dean’s Jam Factory; Doubleday; Elmley; Elmley Ferry; Fabric Fairies; Gas Road; Lloyds Paper Mill; Sittingbourne Council School; Sittingbourne Mission School; Smeed Dean; The Bull Hotel; The Cumbria; The Favourite; The Gratitude; The Leslie; The Sunbeam; Wills and Packham.

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