Alan Cordell remembers his Father and Grandfather

Copies of all full interviews and transcripts will be available for reference at Sittingbourne Library and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. Please enjoy these edited stories we have picked out for you.

Name: Alan Cordell

Summary: Alan Cordell grew up in Sittingbourne and spent much of his youth playing on and around Milton Creek and its barges, although he did not work in the Paper Mill or on the barges himself he has a history of family working both in the Mill and on the Creek. Mr Cordell always had a keen interest in the barges as a boy and this has continued into adulthood. He still regularly visits the Creek and as he has a vast knowledge of its history is often asked to show people around. Alan has built his own Barge Museum with his souvenirs from barges and photographs and documentation collected throughout his years.

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