Dick Craycraft 1959

I started at the mill in 1959 at the age of 15 as a Mill Clerks Runner. I would go around the mill with notices etc and remember how amazed I was at seeing so many people with fingers missing. This was mainly due to so much feeding up of the machines by hand, much different from today.

At that time there were 8 paper machines, a straw plant and iron foundry in operation.

I had visited the mill on a school visit when I was 14 years old and remember the machineman on PM12 saying that I would be wasting my time coming to work here, I suppose 47 years on he was right.

I started in production when I was just over 16 years old on PM17 as a Press Boy. Every Saturday night the machines would be washed out, and when they shut down lots of carpenters would appear as many areas of the machines were made of wood.

My best memory when I left was of all the blokes – lots of different characters and all the fun, and if I had the opportunity I would do my 47 years all over again.

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